Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cut Flower Gallery

As you may have noticed, I take a very limited number of cuttings every Tuesday, arrange them as only an amateur can, and hope for the best.

I admit, it took me several weeks to give myself permission to snip. It's not something I do recklessly. I only cut what I need for the arrangement and I pay attention to the list of Britain's protected plants.

That said, I'm quite enjoying finding out which plants work well in an arrangement.

Some scattered notes:

Each week's cuttings are scored (spreadsheet view) (list view) with respect to categories that are important to me. Some of the results may surprise you, as they did me.

Yellow loosestrife, so far, is in the lead. When I first put it in the vase, it dropped a disconcerting number of flowers in the first couple of hours. But after that, it was just fine. A bit of shock I suppose.

Elder (not Ground Elder), so far, failed miserably. So miserably that it didn't even make it into the vase. I used Ground Elder with success the week before and I expected somewhat similar results. Wrong. Elder wilted almost immediately and never recovered.

Common mallow hasn't been used yet because I can only find it at Walney Island and I haven't been there on a Tuesday. Just in case it doesn't find its way to the vase, I did want to mention that I picked a few flowers and brought them back to identify and was surprised to find them, the next day, still looking fresh. That is, sitting on my desk, no water, and the flowers still looking vibrant. An interesting idea, perhaps, might be to sprinkle some flowers on a white table cloth for a nice dinner party?

Nipplewort, with its beautiful tiny lemony-yellow flowers, closes up at night and reopens in the daylight. Perhaps not the best thing for an evening affair.

Finally, this week I cheated and used some St. John's Wort from my garden. It's been so dry lately that there's not much blooming and I needed some color. Oh, yes, foxglove is out but there's not much yet and I really don't want to snip anything that isn't out in abundance.

Update July 9th: The St. John's Wort, I now believe, is Rose of Sharon.

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