Friday, June 4, 2010


Herb-Robert (Geranium robertianum)

Herb-Robert (Geranium robertianum)

Herb-Robert is one of those flowers that I see everywhere. It sometimes pops through from a mass of other plants and is, at least to me, pretty distinctive with its little pink flowers and uncomplicated leaves.

Unlike most plants, this one's name is easy for me to remember. Why? Because I used to work for someone named "Robert". Not "Bob" or "Rob" or "Bobbie" or "Bert" - his name was "Robert". Unlike this flower, he was a very tall guy - a big guy with dimples. So in his own way he was cute. But the kicker is that Herb-Robert doesn't smell very good. So that just makes me laugh when I link this cute little flower to my old boss.

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