Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wild Angelica

Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestris)

Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestris)

I discovered a wonderful blog recently. I think of it as "Bob Donegal's Blog". Actually its author is Stuart Dunlop and its content focuses on Donegal, Ireland. How I get "Bob Donegal" out of that I don't know. So, apologies to Stuart but we dub thee "Bob". Bob's been writing recently about Angelica and that got me to wondering where the heck the Angelica plants have been hiding because I haven't noticed any.

Oh, they're there all right. I just didn't see them for who they really are; mistaking them for hogweed. Yeah. Yeah. Dumb. On a walk past the reservoir I saw hogweed - yes, double check: thick stem, leaves, flower cluster is rimmed by somewhat larger flowers, FLIES. But very close by ... a very similar plant -- but with very purple stem. And its leaves were wildly different. *THERE* WAS MY ANGELICA!

Wild Angelica leaves Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestris)

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